Foyer Decorating Ideas

Foyer decorating is quite an important part of a typical farmhouse. The foyer is where guests and visitors have come in from the outside, and it also is the first impression that your guests will have to the inside of your home. Therefore, you want your foyer to look welcoming and warm, while also providing your visitors with a nice sensation of being inside a comfortable and cozy farmhouse. So how do you go about decorating your farmhouse’s foyer? In this article we’ll look at some great options.

foyer decorating farmhouse

If you have decided on trying to design your own custom foyer for your farmhouse, there are many different things you can do to make it special and well received by those coming through the door. First of all, one thing you want to do is to select a color that will really set off the style of your foyer. If your farmhouse is old-fashioned, then you might want to steer clear of colors such as lime green or bright yellow. Instead, opt for warm earthy tones, like browns, tans, and rust colors. These will look great together and will really make your visitors feel welcome.

You can also add a little bit of texture and depth to your foyer. Many farmers add a sort of wooden slatted paneling along the top of their door. This creates a sort of upper level area that can be used to display China or other farmhouse accessories. It also gives your foyer a sort of rustic, charming feel. Adding these panels around the foyer also adds another decorative element to your interior.

Another great way to add a farmhouse foyer to your home is to add a decorative ceiling to the space. You can find a great selection of farmhouse ceiling designs on the web, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with some interesting options. I would personally stay away from painting the ceiling in bright, bold colors; instead, opt for a nice, neutral tone. The ceiling can be adorned in a plethora of ways, including art work, cornices, trellises, or any number of decorative elements. If you want to keep things simple, then you can choose an ivory or cream color, which will really allow the ceiling to reflect the rest of the farmhouse interior.

To finish off the look of the foyer, you should consider adding wooden accessories. Many farmhouse owners choose to add wooden China hangers to their foyer doors. You can also choose to add a beautiful wooden stool, complete with colorful flowers. This will really add some extra style to the foyer, especially if you have matching furniture throughout the rest of the room.

Finally, think about bringing in some farmhouse lighting. Having enough light in the farmhouse is important for several reasons, particularly if you have guests coming over. You’ll also want to add some fixtures to your foyer so you can see those important items as you enter the room. Farmhouse lighting can be quite elegant, so you’ll definitely want to incorporate at least some of it into your design. Even if you don’t use it for decorative purposes, the lights can provide some great natural light.

If you really want to pull everything together, why not add some farmhouse antiques? One great antique that is perfect for a foyer is a window pane from the French quarter of Saint-Remy. You can also look for other antiques, such as French windows and doors, old paintings, and figurines. Adding a few pieces of farmhouse furniture along with the antiques will make for a very rich look that is both unique and authentic. The trick is to make sure that everything is in balance. Otherwise, your home will end up looking like a miniature version of a farmhouse!

Finally, you may want to bring the whole look inside the home by adding a few rustic wall art pieces and a few animal figurines. This will bring the entire space together and give it a cabin feel. You could also add some handmade pottery or rustic furniture. These are just a few foyer decorating ideas that you can implement. There are many more out there, but this gives you a good place to start.