Foyer Decorating Ideas – How to Create an Entranceway That Gets Guests Impressed

foyer decorating entryway

Foyer Decorating Ideas – How to Create an Entranceway That Gets Guests Impressed

A foyer is a room that usually have a front door, and is the main entrance of any home or building. The foyer usually faces the street or enters from a front door. A good foyer decorating idea would be to make it match the style of your front door. You don’t want something that is too elaborate as it could stand out and look like an afterthought. On the other hand you don’t want something too plain as it could be cut off from the rest of the house and detract from the appearance of the foyer.

There are a few different ways to go about decorating your foyer. The first is to use bright colors. This can be in the form of wallpaper, curtains, and throw rugs. Not only do these things catch attention, but they also have a certain energy that immediately puts people in the mood to be at the foyer.

Another foyer decorating idea is to bring in natural elements into the room. By adding plants and flowers you can add a bit of peace to the foyer. Not only will this bring a charm out to visitors, but also give a feeling of comfort to the people who enter. Plants, even if they are indoor, should not be neglected because they provide a certain allure to a space.

If you do not have much space, then wall to wall carpeting may be a foyer decorating idea that you want to consider. They are soft, cozy, and give a great texture against the wall. They do need to be properly installed and maintained though. When choosing carpet, it is important that you get one that can withstand moisture. A good rule of thumb is that if you do not see any stains, blot marks, or discoloration on the carpeting, then it is a good choice for the foyer. You want to make sure that you choose something that can hold the weight of the visitors as they walk through the front door.

You can choose to use tiles on the floor or use rugs on top of the floor to provide a nice accent to your foyer decorating ideas. When you tile or rug you want to make sure that they are stain resistant, have some backing, and also be easy to clean. Tiles and rugs will look nice, but will also add a little extra foot traffic to the foyer if they are not properly cleaned. If you do not want to add a carpet to the foyer, there are options available that will work just as well such as stone, wood, and even fabric.

Adding artwork into the foyer is another foyer decorating idea that is gaining in popularity. You can go all out with color and artwork by using the works of art that is framed on the wall, or you can just have a small piece of artwork displayed on a shelf. The artwork on the wall can add depth and dimension to the foyer and it can make a big bold statement as well. Just make sure that you are choosing artwork that you like, and is in scale with the size of your foyer.

Lighting is another big foyer decorating idea. You may choose to have a chandelier or even a pendant light installed in order to highlight the entrance. Both of these lighting items will allow you to have soft light enter your home when it is early morning and you have a great outdoors patio or front porch to greet your guests with. You may choose to light the entrance when it is late evening and you have dinner guests coming over, or just to give your entrance a little extra light.

Your choice of furniture can make a big difference in the feel of your foyer. Your furniture can match the lighting and trim you choose, so make sure you have those choices in mind. If you have an open floor plan, you can also use bar stools instead of the usual seating you may find in a foyer. You can find a wide variety of bar stools at any furniture store or home improvement store. Just be sure to take measurements before you buy anything. You can always remodel if you need to, but foyer decorating ideas are easy to accomplish.